LED Street Light

SAMSONIC & SONS GLOBAL ELECTRONICS LTD provides standard LED Street Lighting designs with guaranteed light quality from state-of-the arts technology, which makes it brighter when compared to its power consumption, Galvanized poles for ultra-long life, theft protection for cables, fuses power generation and operation and maintenance. We have Solar LED Street Lights, Integrated Solar Street Lights and Generator Powered Street Lights. We have supplied LED Street Lights used to install several hundreds of kilometers of international standard (based on international lighting classes) throughout the nation bringing a new sensation of night to many Nigeria cities. With our street lights, Nigerian cities not only become brightly lit at night but the Government achieves the lowest life-cycle cost for a sustainable infrastructure that really improves the lives of the residents. Some of the areas these LED Lights could be used may include; Roads/Streets/ High ways, Walk Ways, perimeter fence, Garages, Warehouse, Company, Markets/Commercial Centers, Home etc. Light them up today with our Solar LED Street Lights.

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